Life Abundantly

Cover ARtAs you listen to the songs on this album you will undoubtedly notice a recurring theme, that theme is salvation through Jesus, God’s Son. It’s grace for sinners. It’s new life, eternal life, in Him. We didn’t plan on having a recurring theme through-out this album it just worked out that way. Of course you would expect a band that has two ordained ministers in it and was formed for the purpose of leading students in worship to write praise songs and songs about faith. That’s what we’re all about. We intended to write songs that express our faith and our worship and so we did, but as we listened to them after everything was recorded & mixed we realized that over and over again we heard the message of the cross; the message that Jesus, the eternal Son, the God who created the universe left His home in heaven where He is praised & worshiped continually to become one of us so that He might offer Himself in our place as a sinless sacrifice for our sins, that through Him we might have life, and have it abundantly (John 10:10).

We encourage anyone listening to this album or reading this who doesn’t have this life that we’re singing about, or maybe even isn’t sure what we’re singing about, to open up a Bible and read the following passages:

1John 5:11 – Pretty straight forward, we either have the life that Jesus offers or we don’t.

Romans 3:23 – Why we need a Savior.

Romans 6:23 – Who that Savior is.

Romans 5:8 – What that Savior has done for us.

Romans 10:9, 10, &13 – How we receive the gift the Savior offers.

1John 5:13 – We can know for certain that we have the life that Jesus offers.

We encourage anyone who doesn’t belong to a local, Bible believing church, or anyone who has any questions about what you’ve just read, to visit one soon and speak to the pastor about this life that we sing about. Become a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. Surrender all to Him, and serve Him faithfully through His body, the local church. That’s His plan and purpose for your life.

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